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Unforgettable Hot Air Balloon Memories




You can hire one of our hot air balloons to provide tethered rides for your guests at a special event or promotion! The fascination with balloons will draw people in and a ride in a balloon will give them an experience they will always remember.  Tethered hot air balloons have been included in large birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, business openings, employee appreciation parties, city/county celebrations, sporting events, etc.


  • Your event site MUST have a CLEAN, nicely grassed area (not bare dirt) measuring approximately 150 x 150 feet or larger for a tethered balloon.
  • The area should be free of any obstacles, such as trees, cars, signs, light poles, etc.
  • There should be no public parking of vehicles near this area.
  • You may be required to provide two vehicles, preferably trucks or SUVs with hitches, to be used for tie-offs.


Typically, approximately 50 people can be offered a tethered balloon ride within a 1 hour period.  Therefore, the number of people you expect to attend will determine the number of hours you may need a balloon on site.

As with any hot air balloon activity, it is governed by the weather.  Hot air balloon tethers can be attempted late afternoon once the sun has begun it's descent toward the horizon.  Weather conditions will typically begin to calm around 5:00 - 6:00 PM when it may be possible to start  tethered rides.

It is possible for hot air balloons to tether after dark as long as there are light plants in the area of the balloon so that passengers can see to get to and from the balloon safely.

We will NOT be able to perform tethered rides on pavement, parking lots or prickly fields that may have remnants of a previous hay field, shrubs or sticks that could damage the balloon or injure passengers as they board or disembark the basket.

We invite you to call our office to discuss your event.

Please call Connie at 864-221-0552 for more information and booking availability. You can also send an email to myskyscape@aol.com

Daytona Beach, Florida

Tether Fee Schedule:


Per Hour


(2 hour minimum required more than 30 miles from our location)


Travel Expenses

$1.00 per mile, round trip


Advance deposit may be required




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